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Selling in the Winter? 6 Tips for Success

Posted by Holly McDowell on January 17, 2022

Are you concerned about selling your home during the winter months? Have friends, family and other realtors rained doom and gloom on the possibility?

Worry no more!  These 6 Tips for Success will smooth the path to a successful winter home sale.  A well-prepared and marketed home will sell year-round, no matter the weather. 

If we haven’t met before, I’m Holly McDowell, a top-producing Realtor in Spokane who moves clients for free and sets up every home sale for success.

Tip #1: Maximize Online Listing

Homebuyers already find homes online more than 85% of the time, and this number goes up when the weather goes south.  Maximize your online presence by adding a 3D virtual tour to professional photography.  Consider giving buyers a birds-eye view with drone video.

Tip #2: Professional Photography

You should always use a professional to photograph the home.  However, this is especially true in the winter.  Professionals have the tools to create better lighting inside when the weather outside is gray.  Add some of your own photos of the exterior from the spring or summer to the listing to show the landscape at its full potential.

Tip #3: Price to Sell

Competitively priced homes that are well-prepped for the market always sell, regardless of the season.  In the winter, the additional preparation will pay off.

Tip #4: Turn on the Heat

A warm home welcomes buyers in from the cold.  If you can, increase the temperature by 3-4 degrees, then turn the heat back down.  The house feels warm and the buyers don’t hear the furnace running. 

Tip #5: Tech is Your Friend

Buy a few timers for floor and side lamps to create a warm glow inside the house. Plus, it isn’t fun to enter a dark house and trip over the entry table while trying to find a light switch.  

Tip #6: Consider Staging

Staging a home in the Winter is all about the little things! A few cozy throw blankets, warmly lit rooms, a wreath on the front door, etc.  Hear the full list of suggestions in How to Stage Your Home When Selling Over the Holidays.

Why wait until Spring to make a change?  With these tips and preparation, your winter home sale will be a success.  And well-prepped homes always sell for more.

Do you want more personalized advice?  Then reach out via phone, text, or email.  Don’t forget to check out the Free Move Program.  Buy or Sell a qualified home with me, and professionals will move your household at no cost to you.  I look forward to hearing from you, and as always,  have a fabulous day.

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