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Thinking of Selling your Spokane House this Winter? 5 Things to do Now.

Posted by Holly McDowell on January 4, 2022

Is there a possibility you will end up selling this winter?  Then don’t get caught with your snow pants down!  Check these five things off the list before Old Man Winter makes the tasks miserable.  

If we haven’t met before, I’m Holly McDowell, a top-producing Realtor in Spokane who moves clients for free and helps them plan ahead for a winter home sale.

Clean Gutters/Roof

Spokane has many beautiful trees from the South Hill streets lined with Sycamores to the tall stands of Ponderosas throughout the area.  These same lovely trees clog the gutters and fill the valleys on your roof.  The overabundance of vegetation makes the roof look like it is in poor condition – not what you want any potential buyer wondering before they even step foot in the house.

Service the Furnace/Boiler

Call your favorite HVAC technician and have them come and give these systems a once-over. You’ll get more efficient operation and a buyer gets peace of mind that the systems function properly and have been cared for.

Exterior Photos (from spring/fall)

Let’s face it, Winter weather doesn’t shine the best light on the yard and it’s impossible to get a feel for the lush landscaping that surrounds your home during the warmer months.  Plan ahead and take pictures of your yard at its peak.

Light Landscaping 

Don’t overthink this one – keep it simple.  Clear the yard of leaves and debris, add fresh mulch to the garden beds if you can, and if it snows?  Clear the sidewalks.  Consider adding a few lights to the walkways or patio to add a lovely glow during long winter nights.

Let in the Light 

Check every light fixture in the house. Replace any bulbs that are burnt out and consider putting brighter bulbs in the living spaces.  A few extra floor lamps go a long way to keep the winter shadows at bay and provide a cozy glow from the street.

Now that you know what to do now for a winter sale, then you may also be interested in The Pros and Cons of Selling your House Over the Winter. 

Are you ready to book a seller consultation to determine if Winter is ideal for your home sale? Then give me a call, send a text or email.  I look forward to hearing from you, and as always, have a fabulous day.

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