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Pros and Cons of Selling your Spokane House in the Winter

Posted by Holly McDowell on January 10, 2022

Selling your house in the Winter isn’t all storm clouds – despite what many Real Estate Agents might tell you.  And the reality is, you might not have a choice so why not take a look at the Pros and Cons of a Winter Sale?

If we haven’t met before, I’m Holly McDowell a top-producing Spokane Realtor who moves clients for free and puts a ray of sunshine into your winter home sale.  Let’s take a look at the benefits and challenges of selling in the Winter.

Benefits of a Winter Sale

Motivated Buyers

The bulk of buyers looking in the winter are serious about purchasing a house and generally have to move. This creates motivation for a quick decision.

Less Competition

Annual housing inventory tends to be at its lowest point during the winter.  This means less competition for those same motivated buyers.

Time Off Work

Buyers have more vacation days over the winter, and the winter months are sprinkled with quote a few holidays.  Buyers have an easier time finding a window to house shop and you have more open house flexibility.

Realtor Attention

Less inventory plus fewer buyers mean more time and dedication from Realtors.  (At least the ones who aren’t off skiing all winter).

Challenges of a Winter Sale

Low Ball Offers

Those same motivated buyers are hoping you are feeling a pinch too and need to sell just as badly as they want to buy.  Perhaps they think your house will be a Black Friday deal?  Be patient and hold firm.

Limited Curb Appeal

Nothing says welcome home like brown grass, blowing leaves, and gray skies.  Do your best to spruce up the curb appeal and ask your Realtor for ideas.

Delayed Financing

There are more banking holidays during the winter months than during any other time of the year.  Factor that in when setting expectations for a close date.

Obvious Flaws

Winter weather calls attention to a few flaws that would otherwise be unnoticeable – drafty windows, low light, and an inefficient furnace.  

Don’t let Doom and Gloom spoil your winter – Selling in the off-season can be a great option, especially when you take steps to offset the winter challenges.  And I’ve seen buyer demand pickup dramatically right after the first of the year.  Check out Selling in the Winter? 6 Tips for Success to get off on the right snow boot.

Do you want more personalized information?  Then reach out via phone, text, or email.  Don’t forget to check out the Free Move Program.  Buy or Sell a qualified home with me, and professionals will move your household at no cost to you. 

Thank you and have a fabulous day.

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