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Before You Sell: 6 Reasons to Get a Pre-Listing Inspection in Spokane

Posted by Holly McDowell on September 7, 2021

First, what is a pre-inspection? Very simply, a pre-listing inspection is the same as a regular buyer inspection except that the seller has the inspection done on their home before listing it for sale. 

Second, why would you want one? It may seem unnecessary to have a pre-listing inspection done in Spokane. However, here are six reasons to consider this important step when preparing to sell your home.

Understand the Condition of your Home

It is quite possible you have lived in your home for years, and feel you understand the condition of the home. However, it is quite common for the buyer’s inspection to find problems that the homeowner was unaware of.  The buyers might then back out of the sale or demand repairs prior to closing.  

With a pre-listing inspection, the seller holds all the cards.  If you know about problems beforehand, you can make the repairs prior to listing, or adjust the price accordingly.

Get Ahead of the Repairs

For any issues discovered in the pre-inspection, whether minor or significant, you should work with your Realtor to determine what should be repaired and what should be disclosed to prospective buyers.  Opting to complete some of the repairs prior to listing allows you to have control over the process.  There is ample time to vet contractors and compare pricing and availability or choose to complete some projects yourself.  

Gain Credibility and Trust

Buying a home is one of the largest investments a person makes over their lifetime. Anything a seller can do to gain trust and show transparency is an advantage!  You want buyers to feel safe and secure in their decision to buy your home.  Additionally, it is unlikely the buyer will try to negotiate a lower price or ask for price concessions if they choose to have their own inspection.  

The Buyer Might Accept Your Report

The fact that your home has already been inspected can have its appeal to buyers and serve as a plus if the information is included in the marketing efforts.  In a tight seller’s market, more buyers are willing to accept the pre-listing report and forego additional inspections. This saves the buyer money and moves the purchase along more quickly.

Ability to Compare Reports

If the buyer chooses to have their own inspection done, then they have the ability to compare reports.  This also works in the seller’s favor. If the buyer’s inspection uncovers additional defects, then the seller can have their inspector come back out and evaluate the issue.  Did they miss the defect, or is the other inspector making an issue of what amounts to nothing?

Make Your Agents Job Easier

Advance notice of defects that aren’t going to be repaired is a huge benefit to you and your Realtor.  This allows pricing to be adjusted accordingly prior to listing, and you aren’t hit with surprises during the inspection period.  Plus, having a pre-listing inspection is a great selling point!

If you want to ensure you have done everything you can to sell your home quickly and efficiently – at top dollar –  then a pre-listing inspection in Spokane is ideal.  Not only will it give you peace of mind and allow you to gain rapport with buyers, but it will also give you an edge over the competition.

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