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How to Stage your Home when Selling over the Holidays

Posted by Holly McDowell on January 24, 2022

As luck would have it, you need to sell your home over the holidays and are stuck wondering where to draw the decoration line.  How many holiday knick-knacks should you bring out? How do you maximize buyer impression and still feel that holiday spirit?  

In this video, I’ll cover 7 staging tips to help you set the scene to connect buyers to your home and get a higher sale price.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Holly McDowell, a top producing Spokane Realtor and I help families strike the perfect balance when selling a home over the holidays.

Keep it Simple

Leave your inner Clark Griswold in storage this holiday season and keep the decorations tasteful and to a minimum.  This could mean putting up a smaller tree, hanging the stockings, and placing a few poinsettias around the house.

Make it Smell Good

The right smell can connect a buyer to your home. Stay away from artificial smells like potpourri and scented plug-ins.  Instead, opt for a light pine scent, baked goods, apple cider, or even citrus.  

Cozy Atmosphere

Make the living room feel like a space that buyers don’t want to leave.  Place a throw blanket on the arm of the chair, turn on the fireplace if you have one, and make sure the heat is on. The colder the house the faster buyers leave.

Fresh Flowers

My favorite places to put fresh flowers are on the dining room table, living room, and small bud vases in the bathrooms.  Fresh flowers create the sense of a high-end vacation when used in conjunction with all these other suggestions.

Put on Music

The right soft music in the background can put your house staging over the top!  Stick to classical music, a quartet, or a piano piece. 

Add Curb Appeal

If there is snow, please shovel it and salt the sidewalks when necessary.  Lack of access is a deterrent to buyers.  Place a wreath on the front door, put down a festive doormat and make sure the porch light is bright. 

Turn on the Lights

This creates a warm, inviting glow from the street during the darker days of winter.

Selling and staging a home over the holidays doesn’t mean an absence of holiday cheer.  The best houses have a carefully curated plan to leave a lasting impression on buyers.

Are you thinking of selling over the winter and want to put together an action plan? Then call, text, or email me to schedule a consultation.  We can sit down create a plan that works for you and see if your home qualifies for the Free Move Program.


I look forward to hearing from you, and as always, have a fabulous day.

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