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I LOVE meeting new people!  Each person encountered is an opportunity to learn, grow, listen and show others care and thoughtfulness through action.  I am passionate about meeting clients right where they are, learning about who they are, walking alongside them during their real estate journey and beyond.  This enthusiasm translates into becoming a relentless advocate for each client; doing everything in my power to make your real estate dreams a reality.

While we are talking about things I am passionate about…SEAHAWKS!  It might be a slight overstatement to say I live for football season, but not much of one.  Clients, you know how important you are when I miss a game to show you property.  Of course it is acceptable if you are a fan of some other football team (just not Patriots or 49ers *wink*).

Whether I am courtside (volleyball), at the rock climbing gym (my son might be a monkey), playing taxi driver, cooking, showing homes or writing an offer; I am always available to the clients who make this beautiful life possible.

It would be my privilege to have the opportunity to earn your trust.

Holly McDowell

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