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7 Steps to Selling your Spokane Home

Posted by Holly McDowell on November 19, 2021

Are you overwhelmed by the prospect of getting your Spokane home ready to sell?  Looking around and seeing loads of work and then checking your schedule and wondering how on earth you will get it all done?  

In this video, I am going to lay out a 7 step process where we work together to take you from overwhelm to accomplishment. 

If we haven’t met before, I am Holly McDowell and specialize in taking the stress out of selling your Spokane home.

Step One: Consultation  

The consultation is the foundation for the entire process where two important things are decided: timeline and list price.  All the steps in this process are established according to your ideal selling timeline and modified for your unique situation. We will also review comparable properties that have sold or are active on the market.  It does pay to know the competition!  Start viewing your home with a critical buyer’s eye.

Step Two: Pre-Packing

At the consultation, I’ll leave you with a checklist of spaces in your home to declutter and start packing. This accomplishes two things: one, potential buyers then visualize themselves in the home instead of being distracted by what is on the counter, and two, each box you pack now, is one less to pack later.

Step Three: Staging Consultation

The way we live in a home is completely different than how we should present a home to potential buyers. Switch Design Company will come and create a specific plan for each space in your home so that it is ready for professional photography and showings.  

Step Four: Pre-Inspection

There are various opinions on having a pre-inspection – so this step is optional.  I will lay out the pros and cons and let you decide what works best for you.  The biggest con is you will have to disclose to buyers everything contained in the report.  The biggest pro? You disclosed everything contained in the report. Buyers then have the confidence to write an offer.  They tend to appreciate full disclosure and may even waive their own inspection.

Step Five: Schedule Repairs and Cleaning

The pre-inspection may have uncovered a few safety or maintenance issues that need to be resolved so the home presents better.  If you opted not to have a pre-inspection, then we’ll walk the house and put together a short to-do list. It should go without saying that the house needs to be clean before photography and showings!  I highly recommend hiring a professional to do the deep cleaning for you. If you opted for the Platinum listing package, then I’ll cover the cost.

Step Six: Professional Photography

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  A potential buyer’s first impression is the pictures they see on the internet. The pictures shouldn’t make the house appear bigger or better than it is – that only leads to disappointment.  They should accurately represent the space and help the house put its best foot forward.  

Step Seven: Technology

All of the documents related to the listing and selling of your home will be placed in a shared Dropbox folder for a year.  No more digging through emails to find the final version of the purchase and sale agreement.  I’ll even save the Closing Statement there too – makes it easier to find come tax time.  All of these documents can now be filled out and signed electronically – saving time and trees. 

Now that you know the process designed to take the stress out of selling, then you will want to learn the Five Repairs for Return When Selling. Where I’ll cover which defects or maintenance issues cause buyers to discount the price of your home and which ones add value.

Learn More

Do you want to learn more about selling your Spokane home? Then schedule a consultation, or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you, and as always, have a fabulous day.

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