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5 Repairs for a Better Return

Posted by Holly McDowell on November 29, 2021

Are you wondering where to focus your time and energy when prepping your home to sell?  Which items on that mile-long repair list are important and which are irrelevant?

I’ll break down that list into 5 repair areas that are worth your time and result in better offers from potential buyers.  You don’t want buyers seeing all the obvious deferred maintenance and wondering what else might be wrong with the home. 

If we haven’t met before, I am Holly McDowell and I specialize in helping sellers break down the Honey-Do list into bitesize pieces.  The result? Less stress for you and better use of your most valuable resource – time.

Repair #1: Paint

No, I don’t mean paint the entire interior.  What I do mean is take a quick glance in each room – patch any holes and paint over them. Are there any walls with a gazillion fingerprints or a line of dirt where the dog always rubs against the wall?  Paint those areas.  The end result – a fresh and clean appearance.  While you have the paint can out – paint any walls or rooms where the color – well, isn’t appealing to most buyers.  You don’t want your house remembered as the one with the neon green room.

Repair #2: Bathroom/Kitchen

Walk each space and examine the following: do the cabinets all close? Is there any leaky plumbing? Is there any grout repair needed in the shower or backsplash? Remove old caulk and reseal. Check to make sure all the lights are functioning.  These minor maintenance items can make the spaces feel well cared for and cleaner.

Repair #3: HVAC

Pick up the phone and call your local HVAC service company (like Banner Furnace & Fuel).  Have the furnace and A/C unit serviced and get that filter changed filter as well. This is a great way to avoid a surprise down the road when a buyer asks for a new furnace during the inspection.  It also gives potential buyers assurances that the equipment has been well maintained.  When walking buyers through a home, I always check for a service sticker on the furnace.

Repair #4: Windows

Take a quick walk through the house and check every window to ensure correct operation.  While you are at it, check the screens and see if any need repair or replacement.  This is an easy fix and often overlooked.  If there is moisture between the panes, then you have a broken seal that needs repair, not a window replacement.

Repair #5: The Exterior

Go around the exterior of the house and look for any glaring issues, like a hanging gutter or broken downspout.  Pay extra attention to the entrance of the home and spend extra time cleaning and touching up paint in this area.  Secure any broken porch railing or loose boards. Invest in a new Welcome Mat at the front door.  Give the buyers a good impression of the home before they even walk through the door.

The goal of tackling these 5 Repairs is to leave buyers with a positive impression of your home instead of thinking “There is so much deferred maintenance that I wonder what else might be wrong that we can’t see.”  And a well-maintained home will receive better offers from potential buyers.  

Do you have more specific questions or want to schedule a consultation?  You can book online or send an email.  Thank you and have a fabulous day!

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