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You Can’t Always Get What You Want. What Should you Compromise On?

Posted by Holly McDowell on October 3, 2021

Have you been searching for months, and each house you look at falls just short of expectations?  Don’t be discouraged!  Apply some Rolling Stones wisdom, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”  A minor adjustment in a few areas will get you moving in the right direction.

If we haven’t met before, I’m Holly McDowell, and I specialize in helping buyers to reframe their wishlist and find a fabulous home in the greater Spokane region.  Here are four things that might be worth a compromise. 

Compromise #1: Floor Plan

Small modifications can generally be made to a home to make the floor plan more appealing. Open that kitchen up to the living room!  Turn the unfinished basement into another bedroom and a second living room that you wanted for football Sundays.  

Compromise #2: Yard Space

It’s time to re-evaluate – how big (or small) of a yard do you really need and why? Examine how you would really use the space and be willing to adjust accordingly. A beautifully landscaped small yard can be just as appealing and enjoyable as a large expanse of grass.

Compromise #3: Interior Design

You’ve all seen it, walking into the house with a dark red kitchen or staring in shock at the full-mirror “feature” wall.  Maybe defining this as Interior Design is a bit of a stretch. Have you seen a house with the matching toilet, sink, and bathtub – in pink from the 50s?  These are fairly simple cosmetic updates, especially if the rest of the house feels right to you.  Many homes lack vision, so go into them with some creativity in mind.

Compromise #4: Amenities That Can Be Added Later

There are so many ways to add amenities to a home.  Patios can be expanded and covered, an electric range can be swapped out for gas and a fireplace can be put into the living room.  This is especially true with unfinished space.  What an opportunity to create the space of your dreams.

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Listen, the reality is that some of these things seem like a big deal when you are digging in deep on a potential house.  What I suggest is that you live in the house for a year before making any major changes – you might find you love the home just the way it is (except the purple wall and matching bathroom pieces!)

Have a question, comment, or want to schedule a consultation? Then contact me or pick up the phone and text or call. You can also book online.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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